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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Southwark Birthdays Coach Hire  

Southwark was once an ancient town that quickly graduated to a District centrally placed in London. As a big city today, it is lucky to have River Thames as an attraction and a major reform from the inner district condition it was in. As Southwark minibus hire, we want to show you this new face of Southwark Borough that not many people get to see. 
Do you have your birthday coming up anytime soon? We are pleased to announce our birthdays coach hire package that promises an exciting trip through the city enjoying the many tourist attraction—old and new. Then later on, we will get you to some of the best concerts in town to party as you turn a year wiser.  
Things to Do in Southwark 
Whether you are interested in museums, theatres, parks or interesting concerts happening in town, Southwark will definitely wow you and give your good memories. All you need is one of our Mercedes 16 seater or the 12 seater Ford Transit so you and your gang can travel around in style. We will even give you a driver and put more time in your hands to explore Southwark.  
Cumming Museum  
They say Cumming museum is the best in town with a collection of artefacts detailing the entire life history of Southwark. But many would say this tiny museum is a collection of weird paraphernalia said to have magical powers. Well this is the collection of Edward Lovett who spent a great deal of time hunting for charms in East End’s backstreets. He even published a book about his findings and you will get to learn all about it from the friendly attendants at the museum. 
The Old Vic Theatre 
This theatre is tucked within London’s East End and is known to pull crowds from all corners. As its name alludes, only the best classic play adaptations are featured here. If Macbeth, Equus or a Street Car named Desire is your cup of tea, you should be here by all means. You may as well get lucky and have an autographed souvenir from big names like Kevin Spacey. 
The Lord Clyde 
So long as you are above 18 with an ID card to prove it, the Lord Clyde should be your choice watering hole for the night. It is a famous pub in Southwark that apparently serves the most authentic beer. It is a great spot, especially when swarm with revelers laughing loud or cheering at a football match. If you promised your friend tequila shots equivalent to their new age, this is the best pub to spoil them. 
Franks Cafe & Campari Bar 
Franks is not just a great eat and drink place; it’s heaven on earth with a dose of enchantment. The highlight of the ambience is the magnificent panoramic view of Southwark metropolis. If you are not playing beer pong, acting all frenzy in a pub or making jokes at each other in a park, the Franks cafe is the perfect place for a mature crowd. As you blow the candles out on your birthday cake, your friends can cheer on as the Southwark lit skyline provides the best backdrop.  
Events in Southwark 
1. London Home Show Spring, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London (19th March 2016) 
2. Hillsong Conference Europe 2016, The O2, London (27th July 2016) 
3. Luce (Stage Play), Southwark Playhouse, Southwark (2nd April 2016) 
4. The Punk Fest (Music Festival), London Design Museum, London (26th June 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Are you looking for a minibus hire in Southwark couch for your Birthday? We have been doing this for years so we know just how to customise our packages to suit your needs. Whether it’s a Mercedes or one of our Volvos, you will definitely have a different birthday experience from us.