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Southwark Minibus Hire with Driver 

Rising from the low status of an inner district, Southwark is today one of the big cities in central London and even happens to be the headquarters for London’s City Hall. With only a small population to manage, Southwark is a place to visit freely without the worry of crowds through the streets. Traffic is great so you will be safe in your Southwark minibus hire. 
Since it is one of those upcoming cities, we want you to have the best experience exploring it. We are giving you a Mercedes 16 seater, a Ford Transit or any of the Volvos we have that you may fancy. To add on that, you can go with the minibus hire with driver package so all the driving privileges are designated to someone else. 
Things to Do in Southwark 

Now with more time in your hands, Southwark is open to explore and enjoy with your family or friends.
The Southwark Cathedral 
As most of the towns in Britain have a religious background, this one wasn’t left out and has a couple of cathedrals and parishes sprouted around the city. The Southwark Cathedral is just one of these establishments, standing tall through time boasting of medieval architecture. It didn’t exist as a Cathedral before but was a designated place for worship 1000 years back. Around the beginning of the 19th century is when plans to establish a Diocese in Southwark began, birthing this pristine edifice.  
The Winchester Palace  
The Winchester Palace was a former Bishop’s palace that existed as early as the 13th Century. Most of it is in rubbles today but you can still make out the in-built brew house, the great hall where they met and the dungeons that held prisoners—yes, Bishops had that much power back in the day. This memorable English Heritage site is right next to the London Bridge so you cannot miss it. 
The London Bridge Experience 
Inside the London Bridge Experience is London’s untold horror story. This is actually an amusement arena that has entertainment even for adults. The London Bridge Experience will spook even the bravest of Adults. A special event they host each year is Phobophobia: an adult Halloween event that will test your shriek levels. Once the lights go out, the fiends come out and no one will be there to save you! 
The Tower Bridge 
If heights do not spook you, then a trip to the top of Tower Bridge is worth your time. Once on top, the panoramic views of Southwark metropolis are the best and you can pose for a few images with your friends or venture into some cityscape photography. An added benefit while there is the chance to view the pulley mechanism that lifts the bridge when ships are passing through. 
Events in Southwark 
Luce (Stage Play), Southwark Playhouse, Southwark (2nd April 2016) 
The Punk Fest (Music Festival), London Design Museum, London (26th June 2016) 
London Home Show Spring, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London (19th March 2016) 
Hillsong Conference Europe 2016, The O2, London (27th July 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

If you are looking around for minibus hire in Southwark services, we are confident in our top-notch services and state-of-the-art buses. Our minibus hire with driver package comes with a fully trained, professional and friendly driver who will take you to any attraction you wish. Just tell us where you want to be picked up and our Southwark minibus hire bus will be there in minutes.