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Nights Out Minibus

Southwark – Nites out 

Our Southwark minibus hire is recognised right throughout the city for the excellent service we deliver to groups that need reliable transportation during the night. If you plan to attend an event that starts late and ends in the early hours of the morning, we can help you get there. Our punctuality is one of the hallmarks of our service and helps us stand out among the competition. 
Our chauffeurs know Southwark well and have assisted a number of groups that have parties in the area. When you are planning nites out in Southwark, let our capable team help. 
Southwark Entertainment  
In Southwark, residents are proud of the fact that their city has already been named as the Alternative City of Culture 2017. There is a lot to do here if you like to attend plays, concerts and festivals. Let our Southwark minibus hire take you to these upcoming events: 
Luce at the Southwark Theatre 
Punk Fest at London Design Museum 
Rounds, Southwark Theatre 
Our clients return to us whenever they have a night out in Southwark. One of the reasons for this is the number of amenities that we make available on every trip that you take with us. If you want to relax and share stories with friends on our way to a restaurant or pub, use our audio visual tools to share pictures which bring those stories to life. We recommend these taverns: 
The Southwark Rooms 
The Refinery 
The Boot and Flogger 
Lord Nelson 
Anchor Bankside 
Our minibus hire offers the most spacious vehicles for nites out in Southwark. Whether you have 5 or 55 people on your trip, we will offer you a coach that is perfect for your needs. We have a very large fleet and will find a bus that does not require you to pay more per person than you have to. 
On your way to a concert, our minibus hire in Southwark will make it easy for you to create the vibe you want for your group. Play the latest albums or music videos and enjoy them with friends. Our over sized seats are built for comfort and if you choose to, you can easily recline them to take a quick nap during your journey. Leave the driving to our chauffeurs. Book your trip today.