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16 Seater Minibus Hire

Southwark 16 Seater Minibuses Hire 
We are a registered business company that offers minibus hire in Southwark and the surrounding area. For our special operation, we provide 16 seater minibus hire. We are trusted and recognised as one of the best Southwark minibus hire company for many years. Due to our experience in the industry, we have numerous customers that appreciate our services. We give our services to day and night trips, school transportation, wedding venues, park visit, to and from airports and several interesting places worth visiting. 
Reasons why we take advantage of the competition  
• 24-hour services  
It is always tiresome to operate 24 hours; we try our best to avail our services in 24/7. We assist customers with heavy luggage by carrying them to the vehicles. Besides, you can book our minibuses or coaches by calling us or through email.  
• Modern vehicles 
We purchase quality, modern vehicle for hire. They have brand new leather seats, seat belt installed in every seat. Several entertainment gadgets, air conditioners that maintain fresh air and unique audio devices for entertainment. 
• Friendly employees 
All the employees from the booking offices, including drivers are educated on how to handle customers in a polite and humble way. The drivers will drive you to anywhere you want within your time schedule. 
Things to do and see in with our minibuses 
The town has best museum that includes Cuming museum, it has many collections of special interest. You can have a chance to see a collection of lucky charms that was collected by Edward Lovett. You can see the amazing workshop and many events that will make you proud. Kirkaldy Testing Museum is another unique museum that contains Victorian materials and testing machine that you can know their history and how they existed. 
There are beautiful museum that can offer good accommodation like the Wimpy restaurant that has thick pink milkshakes, Vigo Mortnenson and a fried egg. Ganapati is a small restaurant in the centre of Peckham’s Bellenden that offers Indian foods, if you wish to taste Indian food then visit this place. 
Southwark as many shops like the Contemporary Applied Arts that is an exhibition space and shops that sells unique textile, ceramics and more from craft makers in British. 
Get in touch with us today, if you need our quality, affordable 16 minibus hire.