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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

Southwark 49 Seater 53 Seater Coach 

Southwark minibus hire has been in business for years and we are happy to have expanded our fleet of buses. We can comfortably ferry a large number of people to events like weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties or even to a live concert in town. Whenever you need a 49 seater coach or a 53 seater coach, we will deliver it to wherever you want after booking with us online. 
On the other hand, if the travelling number is below 49 people, we still have a suitable coach you can hire. We can send you a Mercedes 16 seater or an 8 seater Ford Transit complete with a driver to chauffeur you around. You may also want to travel together but in small groups; no problem, we have several Volvos we can hire out to make your travels convenient. 
Things to Do in Southwark  
The Shakespeare Globe Theatre  
Though it is a remake of the older theatre, the Shakespeare Globe Theatre still reeks of elegance with a hint of history in it. Walk inside and marvel at the grand design resembling the Roman arenas of ancient times. The seats are arranged in a semi-circular design all facing the centrally placed theatre where all the action happens. At night, the lights come out, the venue looks surreal as some of the best plays and musicals are stage to the amusement of the audience. 
The Old Vic  

Equally elegant like the Shakespeare Globe Theatre is the Old Vic. At Old Vic, the focus is on classical performances with some of the oldest plays staged here. The Old Vic is common with many Southwark dwellers and anyone with a backbone for theatre is referred here for a night of entertainment. If there is no play going on, the history of the theatre will delight you, which is said to be over 200 years old and there are artefacts and manuscripts preserved here to prove it. 
Events in Southwark  
1) Syrian Refugee Football Match (Charity), Champion Hill Stadium, Southwark (2nd March 2016) 
2) Hillsong Conference Europe 2016, The O2, London (27th July 2016) 
3) London Home Show Spring, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London (19th March 2016) 
4) Luce (Stage Play), Southwark Playhouse, Southwark (2nd April 2016) 
5) 4. The Punk Fest (Music Festival), London Design Museum, London (26th June 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
As Southwark minibus Hire Company, our main concern is to get you from point A to B conveniently without any hassle. We can handle any number of clients—from 16 people all the way to 74 people. Visit our minibus hire in Southwark website today to make your first booking.